Picture2To submit your requests to be displayed on the wall, email prayer@fbcsalem.org

– David:  “My wife and I are three years now in the Salem area after moving from the LA area to care for my 92-year old grandmother (who has passed now) and are trying to settle into a home church. She has found work at the Salem-Keizer School District Transportation Dept. and I have found it much more challenging to find work. Our prayer request is that we would be led by His Spirit firstly, and that we would find a family of believers to fit in with. Second that I would have the patience for His timing on employment. We will be visiting your church very soon I think, thank you so very much for your prayer ministry.”

– Kelsey K – She has been on our church prayer list for several months now due to a rare form of cancer, first in her arm, then hip and then it spread to other parts of her body.  Her husband added to their blog on Friday that “Kelsey is cancer free. She passed into the arms of Jesus and is free of the terrible pain.”  Christopher is asking that you continue to pray for their four year-old daughter and him as they proceed with life without mommy.  If you would like to read more about the incredible witness both Kelsey and Christopher have been through this season, their blog address is www.thekennedycrew.blogspot.com – an amazing journey and witness to honor and glorify God.

– Pray that we as a congregation will take up the burden of passing on to the next generation the truths of God, the love of God, and the salvation of Christ our Savior.  Pray for those families who have walked away from God…that they have a hunger for Jesus, realizing that they are not training their children to love and fear God.

– Please pray for our upcoming Sports Camp.  Pray that all of the volunteer positions will be filled, and for the 300 non-believing children that we are asking God to send. Pray for those who live around the neighborhood of Straub Middle School as teams of SFB prayer-walkers go door to door to hand out invitations.

– Pray for the outreach events that FUSION is having for middle schoolers this summer.  Ask God to send non-believing students to each event.  Pray that they will hear the Good News and want to become a child of His.

– Pray for THRIVE students as they invite their non-believing friends to H2O Lake Camp.  Pray for safety for the boat drivers and their passengers and pray that, as God’s Word is taught, the high schoolers will hear and respond.

– Pray for prodigal daughter and choices being made.

– Continue to pray for the families in our body who are  having marital difficulties.  Pray for God’s  healing and forgiveness in their lives.

– John – Pray for his sister Susan, whose husband passed away on Saturday. Both are believers.

– Christa – Her neighbor has been having trouble with her right foot and leg.  Please pray for the doctor to discover what the problem is.

– Heather – “Pray for Gaozhis Zeng a believer who has been imprisoned for his beliefs.  Pray that his family will be able to visit him – they have been turned down.  Pray for his release.  Pray for other believers who are in the same situation.”

– Phyllis – Her nephew Tyler is the young man who has been testing for the railroad position: “Tyler needs lots of prayer this week. He will be going through his final on-the-job evaluation in the yard and can not have any assistance at all. Passing this will take him to his 3 month probation. Otherwise he will be let go. It has always been a physical strength issue for him and he is very concerned that he won’t pass it at this point. He has excelled in every aspect of all the training since the first of February when he started but he is so stressed over this evaluation and one person will make the determination. Tyler is so strong in his faith but he has been under so much stress and that can take your eyes off the power of the Lord. I’ve assured him that no matter what happens God still has a great plan for his life and we are so proud of him.   Please keep him in your prayers this week.”

– Heather – Ask God to show her where the terrible odor that is permeating her apartment is coming from so she can get rid of it.  Also, she has a job interview next Tuesday and would like God to give her this job only if He wants her to have it – to support herself and be a light for Him.

– Linda – Please pray that her husband will be called for an interview for a job he applied for.

– Heather – Pray for the salvation & healing of her sister and brother-in-law and their children.  Ask God to intervene in the issues of their lives.  Also pray that our nation will return to having the fear of God and put the focus back on Him.  Pray that the students who are wondering what comes after graduation will turn to Christ to find their way.  Pray that they will find good jobs that will keep them working hard and feeling good about the work they are doing.

– Henri – Please pray for a job and for encouragement for her son.

– Nancy – Pray for a couple who are in crisis.  The wife is an alcoholic who has finally consented to get treatment for her addiction.  Pray for wisdom in finding a Christian-based facility, and also pray for  her husband and children during this time.

– Heather – Pray for her brother who is headed back to school for a different career path, that God will give him clear understanding as to which direction to go.  For herself, that she will have the skills to go after a job.  For all students to be willing to stick with learning…that the teachers will be good and gracious and the students will be successful.

– Susan – Pray that her brother (in CA) will be able to find a new apartment – his building has been sold and he’s having a problem finding a new place to live.

– Heather – 1) Pray for her 9 & 13 year old nieces who live in California.  Pray for Christian friends who will surround them with good teaching and love and be a good support system.  2) Pray for her cousin  – he’s a hemophiliac who has stomach/colon cancer.  His doctor wants him to start chemotherapy and he’s good with that, but whatever the other treatment is, he’s not sure it would honor his love for Christ, so he needs clear guidance from God.  His parents, who are also believers want him to make the decision and not rely on them.  So, pray that God will give him a clear understanding of what he should do.  3) Heather is moving and would like prayer that she will find a job and an apartment with Christians nearby with whom she can develop a good support system.  Pray that before she leaves here, she will have all loose ends tied up.

– Kaye – Pray for a 37-year-old man, Paul, recently diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Will begin chemo soon.  Pray for his salvation, his family, and his health.

– Jerryanne – Pray for the safety of her grandson Wyatt, who is serving in the military in Africa, and for his 5-year-old daughter as well.

– Sarah – Pray for the safety of her dad, who is in Germany at this time.

– UPDATE on Kelsey – diagnosed with a rare type of cancer:  Doctors have removed tumors from arm and leg, but it has now moved to her lungs.  Ask God to give Kelsey and her family the comfort and peace only He can give.

– Peggy – Update on her coworker Katherine, who had brain surgery last week due to a stroke:  She is able to talk at this point but does have some paralysis and will need therapy.  Katherine is a single mom with two young children.  Pray for them and for Katherine’s parents.

– Helen – Please continue to pray for her daughter Karen, who is very ill, fighting cancer.  She is still hospitalized.

– Please continue to pray for Kelsey – diagnosed with a rare type of cancer.  It has spread to her hip and leg.  Ask God to give Kelsey and her family the comfort and peace only He can give.

– Continue to pray for the families in our body who are having marital difficulties.  Pray for God’s healing and forgiveness in their lives.

– Susan – Pray for Stephanie and her 6-year-old son Clayton.  He had an MRI last week and is scheduled for a CAT scan.

– Our daughter was let go at her new job. Please pray that she will find another.

– Lenore – They are moving her husband’s mom to Salem from Arizona.  Pray that they find an assisted living place that can care for her as she has been diagnosed with dementia.  She is not a believer.

– Dale – Pray that our nation will turn back to the Lord.

– Kaye – Praise!  Her husband has had  a job offer in Roseburg, which is where Kaye is working.  They would like prayer as to whether or not he should take the job.

– “Praise! I’ve been praying for years that my husband and son would reunite, which happened this weekend.  Pray that they continue to heal the relationship.”

– “Pray that I would stop binge eating.  I am very discouraged.”

– A lady who was recently diagnosed with late stage cancer has asked for prayer.  She is a believer and needs wisdom and strength.

– Pray for Kendra, diagnosed with chronic heart problem.

– Peggy – Please pray for her coworker Katherine, a single mom with 2 young children, who suffered a stroke this past week.

– Pray for healing for Matt, who had his appendix removed last week, and was also diagnosed with a thyroid problem that is affecting his heart.

– Heather wants prayer for unspoken concerns regarding income and also where Jesus wants to lead her.  She asks prayer for wisdom and discernment and that God will purge her of things in her life that are false and not producing spiritual fruit.  She also asks for prayer that God will fill her with truth and love.

– Please pray for the 5-year-old daughter of David & Kim’s friends.  She is having multiple tests regarding her seizures. They are trusting God for answers and healing.

– Helen – Pray for her daughter Karen who is entering OHSU Tuesday (4/29) for a stem cell transplant.  Ask God for a miracle of healing if it is His will.

– Pray for a man who is dealing with long-term depression and would like prayer to be able to find and keep a job.  He is a believer, but struggles constantly with guilt brought on by the depression.

– Pray for Mary’s sister Carol who is having surgery Tuesday (4/29).

– Dale – Pray for healing for Stan who had a pacemaker put in on Sunday (4/27).  He has very serious heart problems.

– Pray for healing for Rich’s sister, who has been in ICU for a month, and is still incoherent and not recognizing family members.

– Pray for our daughter who recently moved out of town, that she will do well in her new job, and also that she sees her need for God and will learn to put her trust in Him.

– Kaye – Pray that her son and his wife will seek God’s direction regarding their jobs.

– Jen – Update:  Praise!  Her brother is now home from the hospital (pancreatitis).  Pray for continued healing and also that Jen will be able to share Christ with him and his family.

– Please pray for a young couple who will be seeing a specialist this week regarding the health of their unborn baby.  Pray that the baby will be healthy and strong.

– Christina – Pray that she recovers well from her recent dental surgery, and for safe travel for her uncle on his trip to Alaska in May.

– Sebastian – Please pray that he gets the job he recently applied for.

– Sarah – Pray for her family  -that they accomplish all they need to in order to leave for Germany soon.  Pray that Sarah makes friends when she gets there.

– Dale – Pray for his aunt who has cancer  – for healing as well as salvation and family reconciliation.

– Please pray for Brandon,  who was injured in a car accident on Sunday.  He’s home and okay, but definitely banged up.  Pray for quick healing.

– Pray for the pastors as they continue through this week – pray for their health – for their preparation to bring God’s word to those who need Christ at the center of their lives.

– Cindy – Her mother, Sue, was just admitted to the hospital (in California) with upper GI obstruction issues.  Pray for her health and pray for her salvation.

– Pray for your High 5 this week. Ask God to “send” them to church this Sunday.  Pray for those non-believers who will be in each of the three Easter services, that God’s Word will come alive for them and they will be saved.  Pray also for the prodigals who will be in church to “please” their families.  Pray for hearing ears and seeing eyes to the Word of the Lord.

– Please pray that the medical procedure Florence will be having today (4/17) will be successful without complications, and that her family can be witnesses for Jesus.

– Jen – Her brother is out of the medically induced coma.  His medical condition has not improved (pancreatitis), but other issues have changed.  Jen is asking for prayer that he listen to what the doctor is telling him so that he can get well.  Doctor says he has a long way to go to heal and must adhere strictly to direction.

– Pray for Ryan, a 29 year-old man with brain cancer.  Ryan has been fighting this for at least 2 years, and Monday the doctor removed fluid from his brain and saw that his entire brain area is covered with the cancer tumor.  Ryan is a believer, as his is family. Pray for his wife, parents, and siblings.  Pray that they take God’s comfort and peace as Ryan is now at home waiting to join his Savior.

– A first-time visitor would like prayer for her autistic daughter.  She is looking for a “safe” place for her daughter to be during the church service.

– Sarah – Pray for her family as they get ready to head back to Germany.  (serving the Lord at Black Forest Academy).  Pray for a safe trip,  for her friends here who are sad to see them go, and for good organization for her dad and mom as they have so many things to do to get ready.

“I teach a weekly Bible study and senior citizens. A couple of the ladies are being a bit cranky.  I would ask for peace and that they would be able to follow along and participate.  I am having trouble sleeping.”

– Dale – Pray for his aunt and family in Pennsylvania.  They are dealing with serious health problems and other tragedies at this time.

– Heather – Please pray about issues concerning her employment, and also that she will remain faithful to the true promises of God and not add to them.

– Jen – Her 39 year-old brother Mike has been in a medically-induced coma for six days.  He has pancreatitis and doctors aren’t sure if can survive.  Jen is not sure of his salvation.  Pray that she is able to share Christ with Mike – that God will spare his life and that his son, who is home on emergency leave, will be able to extend that leave.

– Christa – Having surgery tomorrow [4/9/14] at 11:oo a.m. on her left hand.  Please pray that all goes well.

Kaye – Pray for the following people who have  health issues:  1) Jared of Roseburg, was on life support, now off but still in a coma.  Pray for his wife and children as well.  2) Eva, a 15 year-old who is hospitalized with blood clots all over her body.  While checking this out, they found a hole in her heart which required immediate surgery.  3) Felicia, a mom of two young children, has stage 4 cancer and is in the process of chemotherapy.  Praise God that these people are all believers.  Pray that God will be glorified in each of their lives as they pray for healing and comfort.

– Mark & Janet – Pray for their friend Randy who has cancer and is dying.

– Please pray for Global Outreach worker Dr. Debbie Eisenhut, SIM, Liberia – Pray that Debbie would be in God’s Word and in prayer on a daily basis and have full dependence on the Lord.  Pray for wisdom for the SIM doctors as they plan and prepare for a possible Ebola virus emergency. Pray for wisdom in seeing patients and dealing with unfamiliar medical situations with limited equipment.

– Barb – Her sister has just been tested for a fast-growing type of cancer – will find out on Monday if what the doctor suspects is true.  Pray first that it isn’t this type of cancer and if it is, that the surgery will take place soon and she will be healed.

– Linda – Her son Bobby had a cornea transplant  a short time ago, and his body is rejecting the transplant.  Pray that this will stop and that he will not lose his eye.

– Andrey – Please, keep me and my wife in your prayers. I accepted Jesus as my Savior last month.  Before that I was a horrible husband.  My wife left me because of that.  We are still married, but she does not stay home anymore.  Also, because of my previous life my wife does not trust the Lord anymore.  Please, pray for us and that Jesus will restore our marriage and will help my wife to accept Him as her Savior!  I know that God can do miracles.  Thank you so much!  God bless you!

– Please add to your prayers the following person and family. Her name is Linda and this week her husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer and given 6 months to live.  Randy and Linda have been married for 40 years and have one daughter. Randy is in a lot of pain, not able to eat, and is walking with a cane.  As you can imagine, the emotional pain and anguish is tremendous, too.

– Please pray for Ben (36 years old) who just had a stroke and a seizure.  He is undergoing testing to find out the cause.

– Gina – Her husband Shane, while visiting in Montana, ended up in the emergency room and found that he has a fast-acting form of leukemia. He was put on chemo treatment immediately and will be in the hospital there for at least a month.  Pray for healing.

– Pray for the families in our body who are having marital difficulties.  Pray for God’s healing and forgiveness in their lives.

– Pray for a prodigal daughter and choices being made.

– Please pray for Kelsey, a young mom in her early 30’s who has a very rare type of cancer.  It has spread to her hip and leg.  Ask God to give Kelsey and her family the comfort and peace only He can give.

– Praise! My nephew was found and is now in rehab.  Pray that it works and that he stays away from his “friends.”

– Please pray for our daughter who is moving out of town.  Pray that she will be able to find a job, and that she and her sister will again want a relationship with the Lord.

– Pray for my grandson who is having trouble keeping a job.  Pray that he turns his life back over to the Lord.

– Pray for the believers in North Korea.

– Gerry – Pray for her step-father who is now on hospice care for cancer.  He is not a believer and needs Christ.  He attends a Mormon church.

– This Friday [March 21] the SFB Dominican Republic Team will be leaving for a short-term ministry trip, returning on Saturday, March 29.  There will be 12 families represented, with 14 children, for a total of 36 individuals participating.  They will be building a chapel, running a sport ministry and a VBS.  Pray that the team will work together, grow in their spiritual walk as God stretches each individual and family. Pray for the souls they will be witnessing to.  Pray for T.I.M.E Ministries during this week, that they will be blessed.  This will be a pretty intense week; ask God to allow restful sleep so that during the very busy days, everyone will be able to give 100%.

– Sarah – Pray for me to be a light to my sister as I travel to DC in May to celebrate her one year anniversary of being sober.  Pray for us to have wisdom and guidance as we seek to raise godly daughters who have a vibrant faith in Jesus Christ.

– Phyllis – Update:  Her nephew Tyler, the 20-year-old who is working to qualify to work on trains, passed his preliminary tests and has now begun on-the-job training.  It involves being mentored by a veteran employee and work on train procedures as well as having paperwork and tests.  This is where physical strength and safety are essential. Thank you for keeping him in your prayers.

– Please pray for a young man who was recently diagnosed with leukemia.

– Susan – Please pray for a friend of many years, Jeanne, who is battling cancer.  She is a believer, and is like a sister to me.  Please help me pray on her behalf.  Another friend, Julia, is a new believer who is struggling between faith in God’s love and anger with God for allowing suffering.  Please pray that God will give me the words to comfort and encourage her, and that He will direct her to a church that will suit her needs.

– Colleen – Please continue to pray for my son.  The celebration of his wife’s life is private and on Saturday. Pray for salvation for those unsaved attending.

– Karen – Please ask the team to pray for Stephen – a high school sophomore.  Yesterday he was hit by a truck when he went from the school parking lot into the street on his skateboard.  He is now at Dornbecher’s to have surgery.  Thank you for your prayers.

– Pray that first-time hearers of God’s word have their hearts softened, and that they will listen and understand what they are hearing.  Pray that they will want to surround themselves with God-loving people and enjoy learning about Him.

– Bob – We have friends in Kiev, Ukraine who are missionaries there (Garder & Rebecca and family).  Their prayer request:  “People are really open right now because of the anxiety and problems with Russia. Pray for God’s will and safety for Ukraine and opportunities for believers to share and people to come to Him through the unrest! Thanks for praying for us!”

– Michael – I really need prayer for confidence…. I feel like I have none… I am going to go into business for myself and my family at the beginning of next year… I need prayer for overwhelming confidence or to learn how to achieve it!  Thanks a bunch.

– Jerryanne – Praise the Lord for bringing me to SFB. Pray that daughter Vickie’s property in Prineville would sell. It has been up for sale for 2 years. She cannot get the disability she has been cleared for as long as she owns this recreational property and in the mean time she has no income at all. God answers prayer.

– Phyllis – Update:  Her nephew Tyler, the 20-year-old who is trying to qualify to work on trains, is currently taking another test.  His throat is again causing him pain.  He’s called the doctor and they can get him in today, but he needs to finish his test first.  Pray that he is able to answer well, work through the test in a timely manner, and still make the doctor’s appointment.  His final test is this Wednesday, with a review on Tuesday.  Pray that he will do well.

– Pray that the GI doctor is able to successfully give our mother Florence a feeding tube this Sunday morning.

-Phyllis – Update:  Nephew Tyler has tonsillitis and is at a critical time in his  pre-job testing.  Pray that the meds he received last night will get him through the tests today with clarity of mind and strength to finish well on the field tests.

– Linda – Please pray for my daughter who is a first grade teacher in Seattle.  She is having a really tough year and her students are struggling mind, body, and spirit.  She needs strength and encouragement to do what God has called her to do.  Thank you.

– Upward Basketball is in the last week of practices, and the last game is this Saturday.  Pray for the celebration evening on March 7, as the Gospel will be given to both parents and players.

– Kaye – Pray for son-in-law Ben as he applies for a new position.

– Pray for our country to turn back to the Lord and pray that North Korea is able to be free of their dictator.

– Will & Pauline – Continue to pray for their 2-year-old grandson, Preston, who had skull and eye socket surgery on Friday.

– Rick’s 87-year-old grandma went into the hospital early Monday morning with a heart attack. She’ll be in ICU for a few days recovering.

– Jeff & Sherrill – My mom, who is 93, fell Monday morning and has a compression fracture.  She’s is in the hospital probably till Wednesday, then we will see what is recommended and she will probably move to a facility to mend and have physical therapy.  Please pray for her physical condition as well as her emotionally/mentally and for wisdom for us as we make decisions.  Except for her hearing and limited mobility, she is quite healthy except for this injury.  Thank you for your prayers.

– Phyllis – Nephew Tyler is sick with bad sore throat and swollen glands. Feels bad but has to keep going.  He is doing strenuous field work today.  He is going to try to find an urgent care or doctors office that will take him. Please pray he will find a doctor and will get well.

– My husband has a job interview on Monday, March 3.  Please pray that God will bless us with this job.

– Praying for a kindergarten job opportunity – for joy no matter what the outcome!

– I have a sweet 7-year-old little boy living here at the complex I manage who will be going in Friday, 2/28/2014 to Doernbecher for his second surgery to remove a brain tumor. He had surgery to remove a brain tumor a year ago and it has come back. His name is Joosef (pronounced Joseph). Please pray for him, his family and the surgeons involved in his case.

– Pray for my grandson, Ryan who is 15.  He is struggling with his parents’ separation and a recent move to a new area.  Pray that God gets a hold of his life, that God brings him a Christian friend to share Jesus with him, and that he would be able to grieve properly the loss of his parents’ marriage.

– Pray for a friend (Steve) who is experiencing the loss of his marriage.  Pray that God would help him grieve properly and that bitterness and anger would not take root in his soul.

– Christina – Please pray for my friend Jan. She is in hospice care for her cancer and her time is very short.  Her oncologist said that “barring a miracle” things won’t change.  Also, Jan is not a Christian.  She needs a miracle both for her cancer and for her salvation. I have been speaking with her about Jesus but I am not sure if she hears me or understands. Please pray that God would reach her heart, even in this late hour. Thank you for your prayers!

– Karen – Please pray for her friend Billie who just found out she has inoperable brain cancer.  She has also suffered a stroke.

– Gene & Renee – “Our son Ryan and Susi his wife live in Germany, they have asked me to send out a prayer request for their children, Joshua, 2 years old and Abby, 7 months old.  The children have been sick for about 5 days now with high temperatures.  Abby has developed bronchitis and is also having a hard time breathing.  Please pray for God’s healing hand on them.  They all need to be able to sleep, Ryan and Susi are exhausted.”

– Please pray for emotional spiritual strength for Jack and Juanita.  Jack saw oncologist, who confirmed that cancer can’t be stopped and chemo would not be a good option at this time.

– Please pray for our mother Florence.  She is beginning to refuse food and drink.

– From Carolyn – My neighbor, April, just came over and asked us to be in prayer for her roommate, Laycinda, who was seriously injured in a sledding accident and is in the emergency room.  Please pray that she isn’t as badly injured as they all think she is, and pray that this will open more doors in our neighborhood for corporate prayer.

– Please pray for Sue who has liver failure and cancer through out her body.

– From Linda – My brother-in-law, Chuck, passed away this morning, after suffering an aneurysm a week ago.  Please pray for comfort for the family, especially his wife, two sons, and two grandsons.

– I pray our son will get the job he applied for and that our grandchildren will start walking with the Lord.

– From Linda – Please pray for my brother-in-law, Chuck.  He is in ICU, on life support – inoperable brain aneurysm.  Please pray for a miracle, and for his family.

– Pray for Ray, a believer who is very ill.  Doctors say it will be touch and go for the next 48 hours.

– I request prayer for the rescue of the people of North Korea, especially the Christians, who continue to suffer persecution beyond imagination, from the incomprehensibly barbaric dictatorship.

– My friend in the Philippines is the first believer in her family, and through her, her whole family is turning to Jesus!  They live in the super-typhoon area.

– Pray for Florence, she suffered brain damage recently from dehydration.  She’s been close to death these last two months, but praise God, she is beginning to eat again!  But she still needs hydration intravenously.

– My request is for members of my family to come to prayer and belief in God’s plan for our lives.  These people call themselves Christian, but are not following what Jesus and God would lead them to do.  Therefore fighting, sarcasm, greed and their own misery results.  I hope they can come to a better place under God’s will.

– From Heather:  I met a young couple – the female, Mia, has a brain tumor.  Both were homeless people.  Pray that when I meet them again that I will have the words to share the Gospel .  Pray for their salvation.

– I have entered the ranks from the employed to the unemployed.  I was let go last Friday and told I was no longer needed; overqualified for the position and no managerial positions were available.  So now I am desperately seeking prayer from many sources.

– Please pray that our son will turn his life back to his Savior and will lead his family in the same direction.

– From Marv Cowan, global outreach worker with Missions Door in Utah:  My wife, Jan, has a rare type of cancer for which doctors have no remedy.  She was doing poorly when she had another fistula and the doctor put her back on TPN which she receives through a PIC line in her arm.  It gives her the nourishment she needs, so her condition is somewhat “stable” for now.  Pray for her as she deals with all that goes along with her illness and that God will be glorified in it.

– Rob and Heather Blanks send this prayer request from Mozambique:  Currently the health of our oldest child, our daughter, Marian, 13, is not well. She suffers from severe eczema. This is a major concern for us as we strive to care for her.  Please pray that God would pour tremendous grace out into her life, that through this experience she would grow deeper in her relationship with Christ, and trust and love him more.

– Please pray for my two brothers in law as they seek employment, that they would find jobs that provide well for them.  My hope is that this time of trial will bring them into full submission to Jesus Christ and that He would guide their lives.  Thank you!!!

– Please pray that my husband will be called for an interview – and hired – for a job he recently applied for.  He was laid off his job a number of months ago.

– I am an eighteen-year-old senior here in Salem.  Please pray for my journey as I seek God’s direction for the coming months.  I am unsure of where he is leading me, so I ask for prayer for patience as well as financial aid as I look forward to college and my role in Christ’s family.  Pray that I will be joyful no matter what happens and that I will have clarity.

– None of my family knows the Lord.  I have been praying for them for the 30+ years I have been saved and have seen no change in their lives.  My parents are in their late 70’s and early 80’s.   I pray for each and every one of my family, from the oldest to the youngest ~ that their hearts would be softened, their eyes & ears opened to the truth and their pride, worldly knowledge and false religions be removed.

– Pray for my heart to conform to God’s in a time of waiting – that I would dwell in the comfort of His love and His promises.

– I teach in a public school here in Salem and God is moving in a big way in my first grade classroom!  My students are engaging each other in conversations about Him and asking me lots of questions.  They have also brought in Christian books and are begging me to read them.  Pray that I have wisdom and tact in my answers with them.  I am also trying to get a Good News Club started up in my building.  Pray that we get volunteers to run it, and that students’ lives will be forever changed.

– My two brothers-in-law and their families are far from God.  Pray that they will seek the Lord and be open to the gospel.

– Lynette – I lost my student ID, bus ID and bus slider card.  I need patience to wait in the Lord and that these things will be found.

– Please be in prayer on Wednesday for “Every Village,” a ministry for South Sudan.  Please pray for the Lord’s continued hand in the safety of this small country and please pray for the missionaries of South Sudan as they face hardships for the love of the Lord and the love of these people.

– Pray for hardened hearts to soften to God’s Word and families to be restored.

– Please pray for my brother John and I, as I converse with him about God.  For two or so years he has claimed atheism and every conversation is deep spiritual warfare.  Pray God’s spirit works on his heart to soften and see the truth.  Pray for me to stay strong and trust God.

– Please pray for my brother, Al.  He fell and landed on concrete and has a severe blunt trauma to his brain.  Also, my son fell and broke 6 ribs and is slow in recovering.  Praise it is drawing them closer to God.

– Pray for Katie, who is on the street in Canada, to return home to be safe and cared for.

– Pray for God to open financial and relational doors for a large project we need to finish.

– Brother Ben needs to learn where his hope, joy and peace come from.  Pray that he will learn to lean on Jesus concerning his marriage and his family.  Pray for me, Heather, as I turn my communication company issues over to the Lord…and leave them there.

– Pray for the extra volunteers needed to run Upward basketball. Some assistant coaches are non-believers, pray for them as their coach shares the Gospel with the players.

– Pray for the thousands of people dealing with the extreme cold in ice in the Northeastern part of the country.

– It has been 2 1/2 long years that my wife and I have been waiting on our adoption. Each day is harder than the last. Please pray that in this time of waiting we are patient, growing, and glorifying God.