U.S. Partners

Dan and Vicki Barram
Campus Ambassadors, Salem, Oregon

Dan and Vicki have been members of First Baptist since 1978 when Dan first began his campus ministry at Willamette University.  They have three children, Wendi,   James & Jill.   Dan currently guides the Campus Ambassador staff in the Northwest and serves on the National Team as the Northwest Regional Campus Specialist. Vicki enjoys being a retreat speaker and seminar teacher throughout the country.

Dan says, “Today’s college population abounds with young women and men needing to be loved and looking for someone to trust, while seeking meaning and purpose in their lives. Our desire is to communicate by our lives and work that Jesus Christ is the One who offers that love and trust, that meaning and purpose. “We thank God for the privilege of reaching the lost on campuses and encouraging believers at Willamette and throughout the Northwest region.”

Dan grew up in a Christian home in New England, with parents who served 27 years with WorldVenture and Missions Door. Dan’s mother led him to Christ at the age of 7.While attending Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts, Dan saw the great spiritual needs facing college students. Upon graduation from Denver Seminary in 1971, he was appointed by Missions Door as a Campus Ambassador.

Vicki, too, was raised in a Christian home and accepted Christ when she was 7 years old.

While ministering at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, Dan met Vicki and they were married in 1976. In 1978 the Barrams moved to Salem, Oregon, to begin a new CA program at Willamette University.

Brett & Shannon Butcher
Reid Saunders Association


Brett and Shannon have been married since 2002 and have three children: Sarina, Owen and Noelle.  They have served with the Reid Saunders Association since 2004.  They have been members of Salem First Baptist since 2010.

Brett’s ministry takes him all around the world as he travels to develop contacts and plans for evangelistic campaigns of Reid Saunders.  Shannon is gifted musically and has been an important part of our worship ministry.


Email: Brett@Reidsaunders.org


Marvin Cowan

Cowan_MarvThe Cowans were appointed by Missions Door as church-planting missionaries to Utah in 1961. After starting and pastoring churches for several years, they wanted to do more to evangelize Mormons and help other Christians become more effective in reaching them. To accomplish that, Marv has taught seminars on witnessing to Mormons and he and others launched Utah Christian Publications, which he oversees.

As part of that ministry he wrote and published books and tracts that show the difference between Mormonism and the Bible. UCP makes those available with other good books, tapes, videos, DVDs, etc., that provide help in witnessing to Mormons.

Marv’s relatives were Mormon pioneers in the Salt Lake area. His parents were sealed to each other and to their children for eternity in a Mormon temple ceremony. Marv served as a deacon and teacher in the LDS Aaronic priesthood before being confronted with the biblical Gospel as a teenager.

After receiving Christ as Savior, Marv graduated from Denver Seminary with an M.Div., and in 1987 Western Seminary conferred an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree on him.

Jan passed away in February 2014.  They have four grown children: David, Cynthia, Kimberly and James.

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Richard and Hope Feredinos
Campus Ambassadors, Salem, Oregon

Richard leads several Bible studies at Willamette University, including Potter’s Wheel, a freshmen Bible study, and Tactics in Defending the Faith, an apologetic course designed to teach students how to handle objections to Christianity and how to positively impact others for Christ. They have prayer meetings with several Christian groups, service projects and Richard volunteers with an organization called the International Justice Mission, which focuses on ending oppression in third-world countries.

Richard helps with one or two retreats a semester, focused on revitalizing students’ focus on Christ mixed with fun. He speaks at Koinonia, the weekly fellowship meeting with 40 plus students, once or twice a semester. The most important part of Campus Ambassadors ministry is equipping students to engage other students on campus with the Gospel and training them to be future leaders in God’s Kingdom.
Richard grew up in a semi-Christian home in California before his mother, sister and he moved to Salem, Oregon. Growing up he began questioning the legitimacy of religion and eventually decided that religion was only for those who needed it. This led him down an intellectual road where he rejected Christianity, or what he thought was Christianity. He began partying and drinking, but he eventually asked himself, “What is the point of my life?”

That was when he met the area director of Campus Ambassadors, who invited him to study the Bible with him and challenged some of Richard’s assumptions. Over the next couple of months Richard began an intellectual journey, trying to answer some of life’s toughest questions, and finally realized that only Jesus Christ could answer all of them sufficiently. This led Richard to give his life to the God of the Universe. A year later he ran into one of his old drinking buddies. This guy was shocked and couldn’t believe Richard was the same person. He exclaimed, “What happened to you, man?” And Richard started to tell him about Jesus.

Hope came to know Christ as her personal Savior when she was 16, after realizing that Jesus was not just a story, but a real person. They are both excited to faithfully serve their Lord, Jesus Christ, while ministering to the Willamette community, now and in the years to come.

Richard and Hope were married in December of 2005.

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Buell and Barbara Hadley
International Students Inc.

The Hadleys spent 1965-1978 in an evangelism and church-planting ministry with CBFMS, now WorldVenture, in Indonesia with the Dyak “head-hunters” of Kalimantan Barat.  Being unable to return, they waited for the Lord’s further leading.  Feeling called to work with the international students on university campuses, God called them to International Students Inc., in 1990.  Eventually He made it clear that Salem was to be their home base of ministry.  Over the ensuing years, they have ministered in Portland, McMinnville, and Monmouth, as well as all the Salem colleges and universities.  God has used them to minister to the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of hundreds of foreign students from around the world.  They also work with volunteers and teach them how to reach and minister to other culture groups in their neighborhoods.  The Hadleys have been members at Salem First Baptist since 1980.

Birthdays: Buell May 20, Barbara September 3

Contact Information
Email: bbhadley@meritel.net

Craig and Megan Hammond
Missions Door-Campus Ambassadors

Craig and Megan met as students while attending the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL.  Both are P.K.’s (pastor’s kids) and understood about God’s love at early ages.  After working in student ministry in Chicago, they joined the staff of Campus Ambassadors at Willamette University in 2008, where Craig is currently the campus director.  The Hammonds enjoy building relationships with students and personally helping them along in their faith journeys.  Craig and Megan have four children, Kyler (5-22-04), Madelyn (1-9-07), Nora (5-8-09) and Jackson (10-30-11).

While a student at Moody Bible Institute, Craig volunteered with the youth ministry at Calvary Memorial Church of Oak Park, Illinois. In 1999 he did an internship with their junior high ministry and then became the Pastor of Student Ministries in 2001.  During his time as a youth pastor Craig was able to see many young people trust Christ and grow in their faith. In spite of the fruitfulness of his youth ministry, Craig began to sense that God was calling and leading him to work with college students on a campus setting.

Finally, after much prayer and consideration, Craig decided that the ministry opportunities offered by Campus Ambassadors seemed to best fit his gifts and desires. In the spring of 2007 Craig was appointed as a campus minister with Missions Door and is excited about beginning to work with the college students on the campus of Willamette University in Salem, Oregon.
Craig was born and raised in the Midwest, living in both Iowa and Michigan. Since his dad was a pastor, Craig was very familiar with the basics of Christianity and at the age of 4 he decided to put his trust in Jesus as his Savior. As a teenager he came to realize that God had called him to the ministry.

Megan, who also was a pastor’s kid, grew up in Portland, Oregon. Like Craig, she was very familiar with the Gospel early on and at the age of 4 she put her trust in Jesus as her Savior. Megan grew up being very involved in her dad’s youth ministry, and during her teenage years she sensed God was calling her to the ministry.

Birthdays: Craig April 25, Megan August 24
Anniversary: 6-9-2001



Amos & Ellen Hathway
YWAM Salem Training Center

Amos & Ellen are training directors at YWAM in Salem, overseeing all of the training and sending of short and long-term missionaries.  Amos also serves on the YWAM base council and oversees the international discipleship training in North America, serves on the International Frontier Missions Team focusing on church-planting among the unreached, trains staff and leaders, and missionaries who are headed overseas, and leads training seminars internationally.

Amos and Ellen have three children: Camden (3-4-98), Kayla (5-16-01) and Cassia (2-10-04)  The Hathways have been members at Salem First Baptist since 2008.

Birthdays: Amos  March 9, Ellen  September 12

Anniversary: September 23, 1989

Amos & Ellen have been with YWAM for 18 years, and on staff since 1996.

Email: Hathway1@yahoo.com


Matt & Susi Lundquist
Campus Ambassadors Ellensburg, WA

LundquistMatt was appointed by Missions Door in June, 1985, to be a Campus Ambassador. His desire is to influence young people at a time of life when many are searching, and even those raised Christian are asking questions about what to believe. Matt brings to the campus his passion for the defense of a biblical worldview on rational intellectual grounds (apologetics).  He was first sent to Willamette University, where he was mentored under the direction of Dan Barram for almost five years. He has now served over 13 years as Director of Campus Ambassadors ministry at Central Washington University. Matt loves the work God has given him: calling students to commit their lives to Jesus as Lord and teaching them to walk in obedience.  On Tuesdays in the Student Center at Central Washington University he sponsors a book table where he throws out a thought-provoking “Question of the Day” to get students to interact.  There are many “regulars” who come by to eat lunch or talk – believers and non-believers.  The Friday “Cave” discussions with “seekers and skeptics” continue to draw a diverse group.  “Nudge your Neighbor” is a feature of the Bible time that allows students to interact with each other about the truths being considered from God’s Word.  Matt says, “When God brings a person to life spiritually, they have a hunger and thirst for God that will drive them to an ever-deepening experience and understanding of His love and truth. Seeing lives changed as a result of partnering with God is my joy and reward.”

Birthdays:  Matt 7/6;  Susi 9/18; Amanda, 11/25; Nate (married to Laura), 5/26; Kaleb, 9/21; Katie, 9/23;  Carrie, 8/25;  Ben, 4/10; Soren, 6/8; Haddon, 10/5


Ruth Palnick
Mission Door-Spokane, WA

Ruth lives in Spokane, WA, where she strives to share the Gospel of God’s grace with patients and families facing the end of life.She spends several days a week with homeless women at a drop-in center called “The Women’s Hearth.” One hundred and fifty homeless and often troubled women pass through the center every day. Using a simple approach of teaching knitting and crocheting, the group in the Knitting Circle has grown from five to over 60 women who join in and find a sense of family while they wield their needles! These relationships, built slowly over time, open the doors to sharing the Gospel, re-establishing women’s faith in God, listening, counseling and leading in prayer.
As serious issues with Ruth’s health arise, she remains grateful for the strength God gives and the prayers of her faithful supporters who “Rejoice with Ruth” in the Lord’s enabling power that allows her to carry on in this glorious work!

Contact Information

 Jeff and Amy Wagnell

Child Evangelism Fellowship

Wagnell, Jef, Amy 2016 cropped
Jeff works in the Salem Child Evangelism Fellowship office as an assistant to Betty Franz.  The CEF goal is to reach all the children in both Yamhill and Marion Counties with the Gospel of Jesus and then encourage them to become established in the local church and grow in Christ!  This is accomplished primarily through Good News Clubs, Five-Day Clubs, Youth in Action, the Oregon State Fair ministry, and in teacher training.

Birthday: March 1

Contact Information
Child Evangelism Fellowship


International Partners

Rob and Heather Blanks


Rob and Heather Blanks are ministering in Mozambique, Africa, through God’s direction and calling in their lives. They serve the people of Mozambique—showing Jesus to be sufficient for today and the only hope for what is to come. Rob seeks to accomplish this by training leaders and making disciples who know and live by God’s Word. Heather is involved in mentoring women and teaching children. She also has a heart for ministering to those suffering with AIDS.

Currently Rob is teaching at the Seminário Bíblico e Teológico de Maputo (Maputo Biblical and Theological Seminary). This school offers a four year program of study that focuses on preparing future Mozambican church planters, pastors, and leaders. There are 23 different evangelical denominations represented at this school. The students have come from many different provinces within Mozambique to study and prepare for ministry. The need for these current and future ministers to know God’s word and Biblical theology is significant. God is at work here in this country but the need for qualified, mature, Biblically sound leaders is massive. The daily struggles the church and its leaders face here in Mozambique are staggering.

Rob was raised in a godly home and as a young boy made a profession of faith at summer camp. His faith deepened through his school age years under the guidance of his parents and local church. After college, Rob attended seminary. He then went on to pastor a church in Colorado. It was during this time as a pastor that God used a short-term missions trip to turn his life upside down. Since then, Rob has been preparing himself to serve God through career missions.

Heather made a profession of faith as a child and connected with the local church through student ministry. God used her family and friends to strengthen her faith through high school and college years. During college, Heather attended a ministry training program that included a missions trip to Thailand. Through this trip and other experiences God confirmed in her a desire to serve the Lord through missions.

Rob (10/12), Heather (06/20)
Anniversary  08/07
Family  Marian (01/03), Hayden (09/26), Judah (09/07), Josiah (09/07)

Contact Information:
Email: robandheatherblanks@gmail.com

1501 W Mineral Ave
Littleton, CO  80120-5612

Dorretta Brown
TIME Ministries, Dominican Republic & Dallas, TX

Dorretta and husband Zeral, now deceased, began working in the DR over 50 years ago. Dorretta is a member of TIME Ministries, a short-term mission board whose purpose is to lead groups from churches across the U.S. on mission trips so they might experience missions. In the Dominican Republic, the groups help the national pastor in construction, evangelism and discipleship. Dorretta serves as site director for the months groups are scheduled—January through April—and then again all summer long. The rest of the year, while here in the States, she helps raise up more groups and funds for the coming season. She also delights in spending time with her three children, 11 grandchildren, and 23 great-grandchildren.


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Leo & Lulu Calva
World Venture, Ecuador

CalvaThe Calvas serve as church planters in southern Ecuador in the Loja region.  This area has less than 0.1 percent believers. During the last four years, the Calvas have planted a central church called Mustard Seed, which now has 200 people attending weekly.  From this church, they seek to establish other churches in rural areas.  The Calvas are also working in partnership with Serving in Missions (SIM) to establish churches in three other places, Purunuma, Gonzanama, and Belen-Bolonia.  Although the work in the province is difficult, people are close to responding to the Gospel!

Leo and Lulu met while on a short-term missions trip to Spain. After that trip, Leo returned to Rio Grande Institute in Texas to finish his studies, while Lourdes returned to serving in her church and in a mission agency with a ministry on the border with Mexico. They later married and moved to the Northwest to minister in a pastoral role at a church in McMinnville, Oregon, for seven years. During this time, they went on a short-term missions trip to Ecuador, where God spoke to their hearts to begin a church planting movement in Loja, Ecuador.  They were appointed with WorldVenture in 2002.

Birthdays: Leo, January 18; Lulu, July 22; Pablo, June 9

Contact Information:


World Venture
1501 W Mineral Ave
Littleton, CO  80120-5612

Mel and Patty Davis
World Venture, Slovenia

Mel and Patty minister through publishing, music and church development in Slovenia. With the lack of Christian literature in the Slovene language so apparent, Mel and Patty have focused their energies on providing foundational materials for evangelism and church development, including Slovenia’s first hymnal (The Celebration Hymnal, World/Integrity Music) and the country’s first evangelical magazine. Along with two other couples, they have established the nonprofit organization, Vrelec (Wellspring). The purpose of Vrelec is to equip believers by providing practical tools for evangelism and discipleship, and to minister to seekers through the written and spoken word. Their current projects include the translation of the NIV Study Bible notes for the New Testament. The Davises also assist small church fellowships in the areas of discipleship, teaching and music.

Mel & Patty have three children: Jacquiline (May 9); Janessa (Dec. 3) and Brennen (May 5)

Birthdays: Mel, February 27; Patty, March 27

Anniversary: May 23, 1981

Contact Information

Email:  Mel.Patty.Davis@gmail.com

World Venture
1501 W Mineral Ave
Littleton, CO  80120


Debbie Eisenhut
SIM (Serving In Mission)Debbie2016

“I am a general surgeon from Salem, Oregon serving with SIM at Mbingo Baptist Hospital in Cameroon. God has given me the opportunity to serve with the Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeons here at Mbingo helping to train Christian surgeons for Africa. The goal is to not only teach them good surgery through a 5 year residency program but also to disciple them spiritually so that they can be leaders of integrity in their countries of future service.  I feel so privileged to work with these young doctors.”

“Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass.” I Thessalonians 5:24
Contact Information
S.I.M.(Serving In Mission)
PO Box 7900
Charlotte, NC 28241

 John and Carol Hollingsworth

The Hollingsworth family served in Argentina for four year as camp directors in Jujuy.  They are excited to see the ministry move forward under the leadership of national workers.  God is leading them to Arequipa, Peru. to work with a ministry started by Carol’s father in Alto Cayma.  They will be assisting local people with vocational training and medical assistance, as they share the peace and deliverance that Jesus can provide for them.  They want to add a spiritual element to a ministry that has been effectively helping these people for many years, and bring the truth of the gospel that these people need to free them from the darkness of their addictions.

John recently wrote their top ten list of “Why ‘Go’ to Arequipa?”

1)      To make His Name great – Psalm 46:10 – Arequipa is fertile ground to cultivate Christ followers who worship God and make His name great.
2)      To make disciples and mentor young adults – Matt. 28:19-20 – In the outskirts of Arequipa exists a community of people challenged by life but ready to learn to be Christ followers.
3)      To share the Gospel and develop a community of believers 1 Peter 2:9 – God desires that all men believe on His Son and become a people of His very own.
4)      To care for the ‘whole person’ in partnership with ‘Serving Alto Cayma’ 1 Thess. 5:23 –  The people in the outskirts of Arequipa have deep spiritual, physical, emotional and relational needs and we are dedicated to bring Christ’s healing and restoration to the whole person.
5)      The ever expanding population of ‘marginalized peoples’ – Jer. 22:3 – As families continually arrive from the remote villages of the Andes Mountains they find themselves ‘pushed to the margins’ of society. We desire to show them the love of Christ and promote justice in their lives.
6)      To provide pastoral care to the orphan and widow James 1:27 – Among the marginalized people live a significant population of abandoned wives, widows, elderly, orphans and abused individuals.
7)      The people are hungry for and open to the Word – Amos 8:11 – Previous interaction with the people of Alto Cayma confirm their desire to know more of God and His Word.
8)      To break the cycle of family dysfunction and abuse – Rom. 1:29-30 – There is deep brokenness in the lives of many that can only be overcome by Christ.
9)      To impact culture through multiplication (sphere of influence) – Mark 5:19 – As young people are trained and equipped through our ministry our goal is that they engage new segments of society with the Truth.
10)  To provide Biblical counsel for relational transformation – 2 Tim. 3:16-17 – God’s Word is powerful and capable of bringing life transformation.” 

Contact Information

Email: jcholling@msn.com

Rob & Martine Karch
World Venture

Rob is from Forest Grove, Oregon, and Martine is from Quebec, Canada. They have 2 children. In December, 2015 on home assignment, the Lord kept the Karches from a vision trip to France. Rob is currently undergoing cancer treatment and studying, and ministering to people who are going through similar situations. His family is displaying the power of God for the church in the U.S. by trusting in God during this new phase of their life. The Karches are still open to deployment to the field, but for now are embracing the new direction God has for them.

Birthdays: Rob, September 26; Martine, November 25.  They have two children: Caleb (December 30) and Constance (May 23).

Contact Information



David and Catherine Love
World Venture, Europe

Loves want to connect people in the USA with opportunities for ministry abroad, and increase their passion for fulfilling the Great Commission.   They have two daughters, Kailyn and Daneille.

Birthdays: David March 1; Catherine July 22; Kailyn  April 30; Daneille January 14

 Wedding anniversary:  Sept 10, 1988


1501 W Mineral Ave
Littleton, CO 80120

Wellington & Tati Barros
World Venture, Restoration Ministries

Wellington Barros was born in a home where his mother was a Christian and his father was not. He accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior when he was nine years old at a camp hosted by Restoration Ministries. He was attracted by the soccer classes, but he couldn’t play soccer without participating in the music classes. Initially he did not like the music classes but discovered his talent and passion for music. He grew up admiring leaders, pastors and missionaries in his church. Many of his friends were from underprivileged communities, and Wellington’s heart burned for helping the poor. His passion was serving, volunteering and helping wherever he could. In 2001, Restoration Ministries saw this passion and invited him to work full-time. The Gospel that brought his father to Christ and transformed his whole family is the same Gospel that will change the lives of children and their families who are born into a sprawl of overcrowded shacks with hard living conditions and no hope. Wellington finds tremendous joy in preaching the Gospel through music.

Tatiane Araujo has worked with Restoration Ministries for eight years. Tati (as she is called in Brazil) and her team serve others in a wide variety of ways such as investing in young girls (through Bible studies and other activities) and seeing the fruit that develops is a blessing for Tatiane. This is her passion and she is renewed each day by the love of the people and, most importantly, the love of God. Her vision is to see the young transformed into leaders within their own communities and be agents of transformation. Her desire is to be a tool in God’s hands as she shares her own testimony of change and growth in Christ. As a director of operations for Restoration Ministries, Tatiane assists with its ministry programs, plans events, serves as the short-term team coordinator and disciples others.

Wellington and Tati became International Partners in Missions (IPM) with WorldVenture as single workers in 2011 and then in September of 2012 they were married. They are now serving together and can say, ‘Eu e minha casa servimos ao Senhor (Me and my house serve the Lord).’

In partnership with WorldVenture, Restoration Ministries exists to transform underprivileged children and their communities through the Good News of Jesus Christ, equipping them to serve Him. Restoration Ministries extends outside the church walls through an open-air program called AGITA, which is something like a “Christian block party.” The program reaches over 600 children and ministers to them in the midst of slums. Many times, there are adults selling drugs on the streets or just hanging around who get a chance to hear the Gospel along with the children. Restoration Ministries does a follow up with those involved through the weekly home visit program where, after connecting and building relationship with the families, Bible studies begin and one house church, making for a great Gospel impact! Seeing the results of God’s Word in the lives of people brings Wellington and Tati joy and to hear child say they look up to them brings a sense of fulfillment. To obey God’s commandments, connect with others and witness is what Wellington and Tati love about mission work.

Contact Information:

1501 W. Mineral Ave. Littleton, CO 80120-5612

Jim and Corinne Thorp

After 18 years of ministry in Brazil, Jim and Corinne Thorp redeployed in January 2005 to begin a new ministry in Mozambique. For a long time, they had been considering a change in fields but were not sure where God might be leading them. Then Jim was invited to visit Mozambique, where he was challenged with the need to train church leaders. Jim and Corinne had been involved in a similar ministry in Brazil and it seemed like a good fit, especially since the official language in Mozambique is Portuguese — the same as in Brazil.

Jim was working with a new training center in Maputo, the capital city. The center offers formal and informal training for the ministry. Corinne continued her work mentoring women and discipling new believers in the churches. They were also working with a team of missionaries to plan ways to use their Latin connections to contribute to the work in Mozambique and another former Portuguese colony — Angola.

October 2008 – The call came for Jim & Corinne to become the directors of WorldVenture Ministries in the Americas.   Their lives now consist of encouraging and helping the global workers in the Americas whom God has sent to spread the Good News!  This includes traveling to many different countries.  Pray that God continues to bless both Jim and Corinne with lots of stamina to pack, unpack, re-pack, and visit lots of airports. Praise God for their ability to uplift and encourage!

Contact Information

1501 W. Mineral Ave.
Littleton, CO 80120-5612


Jerry and Beth Tucker
Wycliff-SIL, California

Because of our 15 years overseas experience in Children’s Education, as both dorm parents and teachers, Wycliffe asked Jerry to be the Director of the Education Team for Wycliffe’s Global Service Program (GSP).  The GSP is for those who wish to serve overseas from 6 months to 2 years, and our job is to recruit teachers, dorm parents, and tutors to fill critical needs in MK schools around the world – there are over 40 – and to help applicants through the process, work with the overseas entities for placement, and to encourage them, coach, etc. while they are on the field.  The Education Team consisted of six people trying to cover the entire United States, and they have not been able to keep up with the number of people applying.   Most Christian young people today do not consider full-time mission work as a career choice, but they are willing to go to the field for a short period of time initially to “check things out”. The goal of the GSP is that short-term people will have such a positive experience on the field that they will seriously consider full-time service, so in many ways our ministry is more strategic and has expanded to supporting Bible translation work world-wide.  I will be working as an Application/Placement Specialist on the  GSP Education Team, much of which can be done remotely, so I can also continue to be with/support my father and our younger daughter.  We have NOT closed the door to returning overseas, and will keep our teaching certificates current for when that time comes.  For this season of our lives, we need to be on this side of the Pacific for family reasons.”

Contact Information:

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Darrie and Debbie Turner

In Uganda, Darrie does much traveling as he trains pastors for the various churches and oversees the leadership at each one.  He also teaches at Kiburara Bible College, which has many struggles with drought.  Darrie has been instrumental in implementing an irrigation and drinking water project and has met with the Embassy of the U.S. and the British High Commission to inquire about funding.


Contact Information:

PO Box 2307
Kampala, Uganda


1501 W Mineral Ave
Littleton, CO  80120

Allan & Baska Vance

Currently on home assignment, the Vance’s are asking God for direction for the next phase of their life.





Contact Information:


Mark and Karen 


Mark and Karen have been serving in North Africa since 1990.  They have four grown children living on three different continents.


Jay and Denise

Jay and Denise have lived in Southwest Asia since 1994 among a Muslim people group. The country where they work has a population of over 75 million people but only about 3000 believers; i.e., one believer for every 25,000 people. In 2005, the family relocated to start a new church plant in an unreached neighborhood on the outskirts of a large city. At that time there was no fellowship in this area of over 200,000 people. They work with one other WorldVenture couple interacting with local businessmen, officials, and university students through neighborhood contacts, business, referrals, and a website. Their children’s attendance in a public school provides an opportunity for Denise to model her Christian faith as she entertains other students’ mothers and her neighbors. In early 2007, a small group of believers started meeting regularly. They hope this is the beginning of a permanent fellowship in that part of the city.

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