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Being physically fit is not just for the young.  In fact, it is more important for men and women over 50

to keep fit by exercise and good diet to give them the best health, mobility and mind as possible.

That is why the Encore Ministry is hosting a class on Fitness and Nutrition next Friday, here at the church.

Encore Health and Nutrition


Welcome to the ENCORE ministryEncore Picture

If you came to age with the ’56 Chevy, Gunsmoke and the Vietnam War, you are a Baby Boomer, and we invite you to become part of the ENCORE ministry of First Baptist Church.

The generation called “Boomers” began in 1946 with a huge growth in post-war birth rates and wraps up around 1964, becoming the largest generation in history.  They have had a monumental impact on our country and the world.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary has this definition for ENCORE: “A second achievement especially that surpasses the first.”  From that we take our motto of Making the Rest of your life the Best of your life.  Our goal is to help Christians finish strong in their walk with the Lord and relationships with others.

There are four focal points for ENCORE:

  1. Education and Enrichment
  2. Ministry and Outreach
  3. Fun and Fellowship
  4. Communication and relationships

If you are looking for productive, fulfilling ways to live this 2nd half of life that God has given you, join us for this exciting new ministry and make a meaningful impact with your life… in your family, in your church and our community at large.


For more information contact Pastors Ed and Leon at the church office or Gene Taylor:;