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FUSION PARENT CUE: Come alongside your child in what they are learning.

FUSION@FIRST: 6-8:15 in the Youth Room CLC429

FUSION@FIRST is a fun way to learn about God in friendly and exciting way. This is a large group gathering, with games, skits, crazy songs, snacks, and opportunities to connect with friends. All these point to a time of worship and an engaging message encouraging all to seek, know, and be more like Jesus. The night is topped off with LifeGroups where students are heard, known, and discuss the message with a trusted adult who believes in them. This is a great place to bring friends and explore a relationship with Christ.

Sunday Morning WAKE UP: 9-10:15 in the CAFÉ CLC428

Not your average Sunday School. Sunday Morning WAKE UP is fun and engaging time in the Bible where we are about helping students be grounded in their faith, discover the truth, and own their relationship with Jesus Christ. You can expect an interactive game to connect with friends and a discussion based teaching time. We encourage all students to bring their Bible so they can follow along and participate in the interactive lesson. WAKE UP is another way to encounter the lesson taught on Wednesday. We have found teaching the same lesson in two different ways throughout the week creates better retention and more opportunities for follow-up.

LifeGroups (Small Groups)

We believe community is how people grow. LifeGroups are our answer to this. They help students stay engaged and relationally connected, both to the church and to Christ. These are gender and grade specific.  Within LifeGroups students get to process what they have heard and experienced in a lesson with their peers while being guided and encouraged to apply it personally by a trusted, consistent adult.  Our LifeGroup leaders are always looking for ways to partner with parents and be another voice saying the same thing. If you want to know who your child’s LifeGroup leader is and or ways to connect with them, please contact Pastor Patrick.


Something happens when we are taken away from the pressures of everyday life, have fun with friends and trusted adults, and hear the message of God’s love in terms we can understand. Something happens when what we are learning moves into experience. This is the desire of our camps and retreats. So many have said they gave their life to Christ or owned their relationship with Him at camp or retreat. With two retreats a year and camp during the summer we have seen this to be true. Check the calendar for when the next one is. If you feel God leading you to help support students financially to attend who otherwise wouldn’t please contact Pastor Patrick.

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