2016 Game Schedules

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2016 Kinder

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Upward Basketball is a uniquely designed program that seeks to develop the total athlete mentally, athletically, spiritually and socially.  The league is open to boys and girls from Kindergarten – 6th grade. The children will learn sound basketball skills, they will be taught to play to win, and they will learn the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, integrity and hard work. This league places a high value on Biblical virtues, and seeks to instill positive life lessons found in the Bible to the younger generation.  In Upward Basketball, every child will play an equal amount of time, and they will be cared for by coaches who are trained to use positive affirmation as their main tool for motivating their players!  Upward Basketball players will grow in character, confidence and faith through their experience with us…and they will have FUN doing it! 

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• First Game is Saturday, January 9, 2016
• Last Game is Saturday, February 27, 2016

• Friday, March 4th

13 Upward
13 Upward 4
13 Upward 5
13 Upward 6
13 Upward 3
13 Upward 2
13 Upward 1


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