1. Is Upward Basketball as fun as I hear it is?
Answer: Yes! The league has exploded from 115 kids to over 1,000 over the past ten years, which is an indication that people enjoy the program. Based on our year-end surveys, there is a tremendously high satisfaction rate.


2. Is it possible for my child to have a buddy on the same team?
Answer: Yes! Although we cannot guarantee your buddy request, we do our absolute best to put friends together. Because our top priority in forming teams is to make them evenly balanced in terms of skill level, there is a LOT that goes in to the drafting process. Because of this, we can only accommodate ONE buddy request. Tips to help making the pairing easier: be sure the name is spelled correctly (the computer won’t pick it up if they don’t match) and be sure your buddy puts you on his/her buddy form as well.


3. There is more them one night my child cannot practice. Which night should I mark on the registration form?
Answer: You should choose the night that is the absolute worst for your child to practice. If you indicate more than one night, we will have to guess which is the worst night. Please help us take away the guesswork by indicating only ONE night on your form (whether online or on the paper form). We ask that you be flexible with your schedule as we are working with close to 1000 players’ schedules and 160 coaches’ schedules. If any practice night is fine, you don’t have to mark anything.

4. Do you need coaches and referees?
Answer: Yes. In order to form the 100 teams, we need 100 head coaches and 100 assistant coaches! If we do not have enough volunteer coaches, we cannot form as many teams as we would like and, therefore, cannot accommodate as many kids. We also need volunteer referees as well!  Email me at if you’d like an application to coach or ref!


5. If I sign up to coach, will I be coaching my child? If I have more than one child, can I coach more than one team?
 Answer: Yes! That is part of the fun in this league. If you have more than one child, you can coach both teams, but it is HIGHLY recommended that you have an assistant coach on both teams.  There will be some games that may be back-to-back, and you’ll need a helper!  Just indicate your wishes on the Coach Application, and we’ll make it happen.


6. What happens at the Player Evaluation Nights?
Answer: The Player Evaluations are not a tryout.  We do not cut players. At Evaluations, we put every player through a series of basketball drills in order to determine their skill level and we also have a uniform sizing station to ensure your child’s jersey and shorts fits properly!  We also have a Parent Orientation at the same time, so it is vitally important that you and your child attend one of the six evaluation nights that we offer.
7. I have been through Parent Orientation multiple times.  Do I really need to attend again?
Answer:  Yes, please!  There are always new things that are highlighted each year, and it gives the Leadership Team an opportunity to share with you our goals for the upcoming season.  Its only 30 minutes long and we will try hard to make it worth your while!  Please don’t skip it.


8. When and where are the Evaluation Nights and how many do I need to attend?
Answer: You only need to attend ONE of the SIX evaluations that are offered. The dates. locations, and times are listed below:

October 6, 7 & 9:  Evaluations @ 1st Free Methodist  5:30-7:00 p.m.

October 13, 16, & 17: Evaluations @ 1st Baptist  5:30-7:30 p.m.


9. After teams are formed, can my child switch to a different team?
Answer: Because of the tremendous amount of work that goes into forming the teams, it is extremely difficult to make changes.  If we made a mistake in the process, we will absolutely correct our mistake.  But we do ask for your understanding when it comes to swapping teams/players after the drafting process has concluded.


10. I hear that you have an Awards Night that is an unbelievably big, exciting and fun event.  But I also heard that it’s loud.  Is that true?
Answer: Our Awards Night is awesome.  It’ll be at the Salem Armory on March 6th.  It is loud, but it’s loud because the kids LOVE it!  Don’t skip it.


11. Will the players receive trophies at the Awards Night?
Answer: Only four trophies are awarded on Awards Night, but every child receives a fabulous gift for their participation.


12. SOUNDS GREAT! How much does it cost?
Answer: The early registration cost per child for basketball is $80. After October 3rd, the cost is $90. Registration fee includes 12 weeks of practice, 8 basketball games, uniform (jersey, shorts, and a t-shirt), a box/bag of goodies from Upward Sports, Award Night entertainment and a gift at the end of the season.


13. I still have more questions.  What do I do?
Answer:  Call or email Jeff at 503-580-1353 or  He’ll do his very best to answer your questions!



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In March 2013, we wrapped up our 9th season of Upward Basketball at Salem First Baptist. Our goal was and is to offer both parents and their children the best experience possible. We believe that striving for excellence honors God and inspires people…and the growth we have experienced over the years indicates that God is at work, and the community is responding!he world’s largest Christian sports program for children, was created with a vision to provide the best sports experience possible for every child. Each year some 1 million people around the world play, coach, referee, or volunteer in Upward Sports leagues and camps hosted by more than 2,600 churches. Anyone – children and volunteers of any faith or no faith – can participate in Upward Sports. Specifically designed for children in K5- sixth grade, Upward Sports aim to bring out “the winner” in every child – regardless of the game’s score.

“It is a race to the heart of a child and the first one there wins…”-Caz McCaslin, founder of Upward

Contact: Pastor Jeff Poush, 503-364-2285 or