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When life doesn’t go to plan, things can become very difficult, very quickly. Loved ones pass away, family members get caught in addiction, your marriage falls apart, and so many other things can happen that make life seem like it’s spinning out of control. With that in mind, we offer these ministries that are designed to give you support and equip you with the tools to move forward. If you find yourself in a position where you would like help, please click either picture and email Janice Adams to find out more information.

Divorce Care

The Registration fee is $23 which includes a workbook, snacks, and all the adult sessions. We want everyone to be able to attend, and we understand finances can be very tight during divorce. If you need help with the registration fee, please speak to one of the coordinators. For more information, contact Janice Adams at 541-760-3649.

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Pamphlet for Divorce Care:

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Grief Share


Grief Share